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Disturbed township with power cuts

Disturbed township with power cuts
Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 18:52

Rajgarh @ Aman Jain

The people of the area and told that the day after coming in the town of Rajgarh, due to the undeclared deductions being made from the Department, the people of the area and the people are facing difficulties facing the problem. The same patients are also facing the problem. The people of the region have told that the inquiries and grievances of the Electricity Department are also not called for any work. If this number is busy now or is not in service, the people say that the employees of the electrical department are removing the receiver or wire of the phone. Some people in the Ramnagar colony say that the light is getting less and faster than it The people fearing to blow up electronic equipment have demanded to keep the power supply clean and smooth

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